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The 2TEK® Bridge (Bass) – Why It Does What It Does

The performance enhancements of the 2TEK® Bridge comes from individual string isolation coupled with maximum interaction between it and the natural resonance of the instrument body and neck materials. Each string saddle sits on its own individual “tonal finger”, which separates each string from the rest.

The result is improved individual note articulation, especially in complex chords and playing techniques. This isolation also allows each string to vibrate for a greater length of time producing superior sustain.

On a conventional bridge, all the saddles share the same bridge block or platform; as a consequence, when you strike a string the vibrations disperse in all directions. In fact, the adjacent saddles are typically in such close proximity that they allow vibrations to transmit to each another – often referred to as “crosstalk” – and this crosstalk is usually in conflict with the harmonic overtones of the originating string.

With the 2TEK® Bridge, all strings are allowed to ring independently so clarity is enhanced because there is nothing to interfere with the true harmonic content and dynamic range of each note. This also allows the natural resonance of the guitar body and neck to come through which boosts tonal quality.

The patented 2TEK® technology is being made available for integrating into guitar and bass designs though licensing/royalty agreements.

All inquiries are welcomed and additional technical and performance specifications are available upon request.

Thank you for your interest in the 2TEK® Bridge and we look forward to hearing from you.

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